Do you care what others think about you? Well, I’ve got reasons why you shouldn’t

Okay people let’s get started.

All those who are guilty of ‘not doing something they love or want to do just because you were scared of what others will think’ raise your hand. I am not alone, now am I? For me that’s the past, thankfully, but what about you? Do you still give a shit what others think about you? If you do then why?

Why does what others think about us bother us? And that too so much that we’re willing to sacrifice our happiness? Is it really worth it?

It’s in our genes…..

This fear of not receiving approval from others has been passed down to us from our ancestors. Back in the days when people used to live among wild animals, the tribe was the other name of survival. The better “behaved” you are, the better would be your position in the tribe. So, yeah, they cared what others think about them for their better survival.

But it’s not the case anymore because we all know who’s more dangerous to whom; lion to man or a man to lion; and who’s causing whose extinction. So I think there’s no need to be scared of the wild animals anymore. But unfortunately the same belief that ” we should care about what others think” has been passed down to us. It’s sad that we evolved from that point in every aspect, except thinking.

But you know what it’s not worth it…

And I’ll give you the reasons why.

  1. This life is way too short to care what others think:

    If you’ll keep on worrying about what others think you’ll never be able to do anything that you really want to do. Remember that bucket list you made? All the crazy stuff you wanna do? You’ll never be able to put that check mark in front of your desire in the list if you’ll think that people will call you crazy. You’ll never find out what you’re capable of. You’ll never find out how much you can improve and what you can achieve. We’ve got one life and we better make it wonderful by living it the way we want to because in the end, all you’ll be left alone with is regret.

  2. Others don’t know what you want:

    People might tell you things like do this or do that, or don’t do this or don’t do that. Maybe it’s right from their point of view. But no one knows your situation, how you feel, what you need to do and they for sure do not know what’s good for you. So if someone is being judgmental about any of your decisions, well, it’s not your problem. You did what was best for you.

  3. You can’t please everyone:

    Can you? No you can’t. There are people who are “pathologically judgmental” ( I don’t know if there’s a term like that or not. I just coined it) who will judge you in the most negative way possible no matter what you do. And does it even matters what they say? What is the worst thing possible that will happen? A few people will talk about it for some time and then they’ll get a new topic to gossip about. That’s it. They are killing their time in doing useless gossips; that’s their damage. What’s the damage for you? Nothing!

  4. People don’t care:

    This is what mostly happens. People simply don’t care what you’re doing. Most of the times it’s our own fear of “being watched by others” is what stopping us. Well, let me tell you something, people have got better things to do in their own lives than to sit and watch what you are doing. They all have pretty busy life. So just chill, go ahead and do the crazy. Nobody’s watching. And so what even if they were!? They’re too busy with their iphones to react!

What you should do instead is…

  1. Keep your mind busy. Focus your time and energy on doing productive things. Don’t let the thought that “someone is watching and judging me right now” cross you mind. Just think even if someone is watching me so what? Let them watch. I ain’t got no time and energy to know what they’re thinking about me.
  2. You don’t need to give a justification for your actions to others. You did it because it’s good for you. Period.
  3. Make a good habit of not judging others. The idea is simple: if you’ll keep on judging others, the thought of someone else judging you will definitely cross your mind; because that’s what you’re doing so why can’t someone else do that to you. So, STOP!
  4. Cut off all the negatives.Stay away from all those crappy people; whether a friend or family, who always try to pull you down. Just know one thing that such people do not want you to achieve things.
  5. And lastly, if people say things like “you suck”, I have only two words for them: Screw them!

In conclusion….

Why would you stop caring what others say? The answers is simple: to be happy. Need I say more? Isn’t that a big enough reason? If you wanna be happy, don’t give a fuck. It is as simple as that!

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I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.

-Coco Chanel