Let’s Talk About Love, Shall We?

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Well, well. Here I am talking big talks! Let me warn you I’m not really good at it.

I was wondering the other day about my experiences; what I went through, how I felt, how I reacted at that moment, and what I learned. And at the end of all of the flashbacks and pondering, I realized that the thing that I now really value is love. Now honestly I’ve never been a hateful person; I’ve never let hate grow inside me no matter what and I’ve never tried to hurt anyone intentionally no matter what they did to me. But I never really, really focused on the topic of love as a subject before

I don’t think there’s one definition for love. I broadly subdivide love as care, affection, helping, supporting and all the positive things you can think of that simply makes you feel good, do good and help you improve! Love is not just a word with a single meaning. It has a lot of forms and definitions.

It’s great that we know the feeling of love. Although I feel that it’s kind of underrated. We do not really appreciate when we get it. We mostly take it for granted. It is hate that is overrated. We get a minor amount of hate and we go like “oh, life sucks!”. From my experience to receive hate is necessary in order to start appreciating love.

Everybody needs it. Even the plant growing in your garden needs it. It has the power to heal.

And the fun part is when we give away love to others we feel a strange kind of happiness ourselves. It’s almost similar to the feeling you get when achieve something great. You know, the good feeling! The feeling of being rich and content, even when you lack a lot of things. Like what they say to be rich is not what you have in your bank account, but what you have in your heart.

Showing a helping hand to a friend in need, appreciating the over-protectiveness of our parents, appreciating the love of your grandparents, being grateful to someone who helped you, forgiving someone who hurt you, supporting a neighbor who’s going through bad times; all these small gestures make a huge positive change in the way you lead your life.

What’s a life where you just did things only for yourself? I think doing things for others and making others happy is something that make us feel good more than when we do things for ourselves. You should do things for yourself too, of course you are important too, but that’s just something everybody is doing these day; only loving themselves. What we need is people to love others as well, that’s what rare and that’s what needs to be protected.

I love love!